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2019 May 17 Idaho Wine Industry

The Traveling Spud - Idaho Wineries: A Day on the Sunnyslope Wine Trail

While it’s easy to drive around the trail yourself, I highly recommend getting a driver. After all, you will be tasting wines throughout the region and probably won’t stay too sober! We got to take Idaho Town Car, which is a great local company that specializes in car rentals for tours and special events. Our driver was amazing and he knew the region and our itinerary perfectly.

2019 April 26 Idaho Wine Industry

Napa Valley Register - Idaho wines -- and Idaho winemakers

A historical marker atop a levee in Lewiston, Idaho, commemorates where Meriwether Lewis and William Clark camped Oct. 10, 1805, as part of their grand survey of the recently purchased Louisiana Territory — stretching from St. Louis to the Pacific. Here, the Clearwater River confluences with the Snake, which, as its name suggests, meanders in a sinuous fashion westward to the Columbia in Washington’s Tri-Cities on its inexorable path to Portland and the great ocean beyond.

2019 April 24 Idaho Wine Industry

FORBES - Eight Cool And Unique Wines To Try Now

There has never been a better time to be a wine lover than now. Indeed, every year is better than the year before for wine lovers largely because restaurants, retail stores, and wine clubs have together created amazing access to wines from across the globe. If you are in the market for something new to try in 2019, below you’ll find wines that merit a second look–from the vineyards of Colorado to entirely female winemaking operations. All are available online, some are sold in retail stores.