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Hello, there! We’re the Idaho Wine Commission!

In Idaho, you’ll find that we’re not short on warmth or character. You’ll find it in the wine, in the people who make it, and in the folks who work at the Idaho Wine Commission. 

We’re a group of movers and shakers, and some of us are even winemakers who have the happy job of promoting and supporting the wine and cider industry in the state of Idaho. It’s a fun job, and an important one too. Our responsibilities include marketing support, industry advocacy, education and research, as well as enhancing the tourism experience across Idaho wine country. And as Idaho continues to grow in recognition locally and globally as a wine destination, we’ll be here to help nurture it along every step of the way.



Whole and undivided. Everyone is welcome at our table. (Especially if they bring a bottle of Viognier.)



Helpful, caring and uplifted. We want to leave things—and people—better than we found them. 



Easy to perceive and interpret. Everyone deserves to enjoy great wine, and that means sharing knowledge in an accessible, conversational way. 



See and show high regard for all. We may be laid back, but we keep it classy when it comes to how we speak about and treat one another.

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Facts & Stats

over 70

wineries and cideries in Idaho


of wineries are women-owned


acres planted

$314 million

economic impact in 2022

423,500 gallons

produced in 2022

258,000 cases

produced in 2022

3,100 tons

of grapes harvested in 2022

600 – 3,000

feet elevation

3 AVAs

Snake River Valley, Eagle Foothills, Lewis-Clark Valley

Idaho Wine Commission Team

Moya Shatz Dolsby

Moya Shatz Dolsby

Executive Director

Moya Shatz Dolsby believes in change. She believes in it because she has seen it first-hand in the wine industry here in Idaho; the change in awareness from consumers, a change in attitude from other industry and restaurant folks, and a change in the quality of the wine itself.

Brenna Smith

Brenna Smith

Operations & Finance Manager

With a degree in Hospitality Business Management from Washington State University, Smith began her wine career at the Idaho Wine Commission as an intern, moving up through the ranks along the way.

Ashlee Struble

Ashlee Struble

Industry Relations Manager

Multitasking extraordinaire, people person, mother of two and lover of a glass of Idaho Rosé. Originally from the great state of South Dakota, her expertise in hot dishes and driving in inclement weather is pretty extensive.

Julianne "Juls" Germain

Julianne “Juls” Germain

Administrative Assistant

For Juls, wine isn’t just a job. It’s a passion. She completed her Introductory Sommelier Certificate through the Court of Master Sommeliers in May of 2023—the same month she joined the Idaho Wine Commission as an administrative assistant. 

Outline of the state of Idaho with a heart drawn in the center

Love Idaho Wine?

We love you back. We’d also love your support.

  • Sport Idaho wine swag
  • Volunteer your time
  • Be an Idaho wine advocate
  • Host an Idaho wine tasting party
  • Ask for Idaho wine at a restaurant, grocery store, or local wine shop

Got Questions?

There’s a few we get asked on the regular, so we put together a list of FAQs just for you.

Why is Idaho a great wine region?

Producing incredible wine is our birthright, geographically speaking. With an ideal climate and near-famous latitude for growing grapes, it’s no wonder that Idaho is already home to more than 75 wineries and eight cideries. The warm days, cool nights, and affordable land have drawn passionate and talented winemakers from all over to plant roots here and create some of the most delicious and unique wine you’ll ever taste. In Idaho wine country, you’ll find three AVAs (American Viticultural Areas), or official growing designations with distinctive qualities, spread across six wine growing regions—all with their own unique features and characteristics. 

The land, the space, and the communal vibe give us permission to do things a little differently here. We take wine seriously, but not ourselves. We’re always happy to share a glass with whoever shows up, just as they are. 

How many wineries and cideries are in Idaho?

Idaho is home to more than 75 wineries and eight cideries—and growing. The welcoming culture and wide, open land mean there’s plenty of room and opportunity here for everyone

How many vineyards are in Idaho?

There are more than 1,300 acres of planted vineyards in Idaho—more than 75 wineries—with room to grow. Making great wine comes naturally here. Literally. Mother Nature herself gifted Idaho with things like a diurnal shift (a.k.a. warm days and cool nights) and rich, diverse soils, which produce wildly flavorful grapes. Add in a passionate community of wine-loving experts, and you get something truly spectacular.