Explore Idaho Wine Country

The Idaho wine country is designated into 4 regions, the Northern, Southwestern, Southwestern Urban and the South Central. Whether you have a couple of hours or a couple of days, exploring Idaho Wine Country has never been easier.

Northern Wine Region

The Northern wine region is surrounded by Idaho’s majestic natural wonders and stretches across the panhandle of Idaho. Winery guests can take advantage of year-round activities and adventure. It is home to the Lewis-Clark Valley American Viticulture Area (AVA) that was approved in April of 2016. Encompassing 479 square miles with 100 vineyard acres currently planted. Lewis-Clark Valley AVA is made up of steep canyons of the Clearwater and mid-Snake Rivers and their tributaries.

South Central Wine Region

Wineries in this region are just a short drive outside of Boise, making it an easy day trip for travelers and guests from around the state. In addition to local wineries are regional attractions like Craters of the Moon National Monument. Grapes from this region benefit from the area’s cold nights and hot summer days to create the perfect balance of natural sugars and acids.

Southwestern Wine Region

Idaho’s Treasure Valley is rich in resources. The four-season climate, ancient volcanic soil and abundant water supply make this an ideal place to grow grapes and make wine. The state’s heaviest concentration of wineries is within this region’s Sunnyslope Wine Trail, which is part of the Snake River Valley American Viticulture Area (AVA). The Snake River Valley AVA approved in April of 2007 encompasses 8,000 square miles with 1,125 acres currently planted. Overlaying the ancient Lake Idaho, the shoreline creates its natural boundaries. The Eagle Foothills AVA approved in November of 2015 encompasses 49,815 acres, fully within the Snake River Valley AVA with 67 acres planted.

Southwestern Urban Wine Region

This region is within the urban core of Idaho. Concentrated in the capital city of Boise and surrounding communities, these urban wineries and tasting rooms are nearby places to sip and sample what Idaho has to offer. In addition to wine, this region features a blend of accessible outdoor adventure, world-class cuisine and diverse arts and culture offerings.