2023 March 21

High Country Cider

High Country Cider is located in the foothills of Rathdrum Mountain near the Coeur d’Alene & Post Falls area. We are a cottage industry where we provide small quantities of Quality Hard Cider and Non-Alcoholic Seltzer. Customers are offered wholesale and in-state shipping. There is no onsite tasting room, however products can be sold in person by appointment. Production is year-round and most of our fruit flavoring is local. We press our fruit in-house and produce Cider and Seltzer as the fruit ripens through the seasons. We utilize apples from local ancient apple trees. Some of our apples come from orchards that existed during the prohibition. These orchards were once used in making moonshine. After the fire of 1910, there were not a lot of trees like there are now. Orchards were placed in these foothills away from the law. Scenic Lodge on Rathdrum Mountain was used as an entertainment center. The well-to-do Railroad folks would be taken up to the lodge where there was illegal moonshine, bands and ladies of the night present. Our area is rich with a history of making alcohol. We are trying to keep that tradition alive. We encourage you to stop by and try our ciders!

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