Day: December 27, 2018

2018 December 27 Idaho Wine Industry

SHERMANS TRAVEL - How to Visit Idaho's Affordable, Up-and-Coming Wine Country

If you had to name an up-and-coming wine region in the United States, the state of Idaho — best known for its long stretches of rugged wilderness and the glam ski resort of Sun Valley — might not be your first choice. But the shores of the Snake River, which makes up a portion of the state’s border with Oregon, provide the kind of fast-draining, sandy volcanic soil where grapes thrive. Viognier, gewürztraminer, petit verdot, and cabernet franc are just a few of the varietals that grow here, in a place with a long history farming all kinds of produce, not just potatoes.

2018 November 27 Wine

BOISE dev - New Winery With Jalapeño Focus Opens in Garden City

Looking for something to spice up your wine tasting? Potter Wines has a new tasting room in Garden City that adds a little heat to your glass. Crystal and Von Potter started the business seven years ago, and along the way decided to make something unique: a wine with both grapes and the spicy pepper.