Month: November 2020

2020 November 19 Wine

CNN Business - How a small family-run cider business is still breaking even during a pandemic

Just surviving will be a huge success for most small businesses this year.And few expect to breakeven given all that’s happened as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Yet Meriwether Cider in Boise, Idaho, is on track to meet that mark, thanks in large part to Covid-related federal assistance, according to Ann Leadbetter, who owns the business with her husband and two daughters.

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2020 November 17 Wine

VinePair - Idaho Is the Next American Wine Region That Deserves Your Attention

When considering the landscape of American wine regions, Idaho isn’t the biggest, the most specialized, or the oldest. Instead, the proper superlative may be that Idaho is America’s most up-and-coming wine region. As this small-but-mighty area grows in production and prominence, Idaho is proving why the state should be famous for more than potatoes.

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2020 November 12 Wine

2020 Harvest Press Release for the Idaho Wine Industry

November 11, 2020 – As Idaho winemakers and grape growers wrap up the 2020 harvest season, excitement is in the air about what this year’s fruit yield will bring. Significant spring rainfall in Northern Idaho allowed for leafy vine canopies to form – and while heavy June rainfall and summer wildfires tested the resiliency of Southern Idaho vines, the grapes produced were balanced and picked at peak perfection.  

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