Month: April 2019

2019 April 12 Idaho Wine Industry

Idaho: The Next Grapegrowing Frontier

According to the Idaho Wine Commission, within the last 10 years, the number of wineries in Idaho have increased by 30 percent. Today, the state is home to 56 wineries, 1,300 planted acres of wine grapes, crushed 3,000 tons of grapes during the 2018 harvest — and continues to see consistent growth in grape growing and winemaking.

2019 April 11 Idaho Wine Industry

BOISE WEEKLY - Eagle's 3 Horse Ranch Vineyards to Add New Tasting Room, Classes and More

Founded in 2002 and already the largest wine producer in the state, 3 Horse Ranch Vineyards has decided to expand its Eagle, Idaho, campus to showcase that multitude of bottles in high style. A new buildout announced April 9 will add a winery and tasting room to 40 of the vineyard’s 850 acres, as well as a “Community Viticultural Center,” which will offer wine enthusiasts classes on crafting the perfect food and wine pairings, blending wines and growing grapes with the support of community partners.