Month: December 2018

2018 December 27 Idaho Wine Industry

SHERMANS TRAVEL - How to Visit Idaho's Affordable, Up-and-Coming Wine Country

If you had to name an up-and-coming wine region in the United States, the state of Idaho — best known for its long stretches of rugged wilderness and the glam ski resort of Sun Valley — might not be your first choice. But the shores of the Snake River, which makes up a portion of the state’s border with Oregon, provide the kind of fast-draining, sandy volcanic soil where grapes thrive. Viognier, gewürztraminer, petit verdot, and cabernet franc are just a few of the varietals that grow here, in a place with a long history farming all kinds of produce, not just potatoes.

2018 December 16 Wine

IDAHO PRESS - Potter Wines debuts tasting room in Garden City

Von and Crystal Potter have earned an ardent following since they started selling their Jalapeno Wine Lemonade back in 2012. They have been a constant presence at both Saturday markets in downtown Boise (Capital City Public Market and Boise Farmers Market) and at other events across the valley.